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Rankings as of 03/02/2018

Top Tier


Psi U

A very wealthy house with a great reputation on campus. The brothers are said to be good-looking and fit the stereotypical boarding school-type persona. The house itself is very large and contains a squash court. They don't have many open events. They have great sorority relations and a fairly rigorous pledging process. Their pledge classes are usually fairly small. The brothers are generally considered to be snobby elitists and not very down to earth. They had a subpar 2012 pledge class, but followed that up with an improved 2013 pledge class.


Chi Psi

A very athletic house with mostly meatheads, a close brotherhood, and state school mentality. They have a great house with a large front lawn and a good location. They mix well with some top sororities, though many do not like the house much because the brothers seem to be more involved in themselves and drinking then with conversing with the girls. This does not affect their overall relations with them much, though. Their pledging process is known to be the hardest on campus. Their last two pledge classes have been very good.


Sig Phi

Another very wealthy house located right next to Psi U. Unlike Psi U they throw many open events and have a much more diverse brotherhood. They have good relationships with top sororities, but their brotherhood is generally described as not as strong or cohesive as those of other top houses. Due to their small number of brothers their mixers aren't the greatest, but still very good. They've had good pledge classes the past two years.


Sig Chi

Terrible location at the tip of North Campus, but, at the same time, have a nice physical house in addition to a great backyard and pool. They have a surprisingly high number of strange brothers, but are generally cool guys. They throw great open parties, and have a good diverse of brothers in the house. They mix well with the top sororities. Their pledge process, however, is extremely vigorous, and in the end not all pledges may become brothers.

Upper Tier


Sig Pi

Nice house on West in a great location. Used to be a top house before they got kicked off a few years back, but have been regaining that status since they've came back. They had a very large 2013 pledge class of 30 kids; this likely means they will take a smaller pledge class in 2014. Most of the guys in the house are pretty cool, but some are a little awkward and socially reserved. They mix well will most upper-tier sororities.


Delta Chi

A very nice-looking, mansion-like house, but is a bit out of the way on North Campus. The brothers are known to be "pretty boys" and "friend zone" guys, but are overall very nice and overall cool. They don't party as hard as other frats, but have great sorority relationships. Their parties are fun, and they're said to be rising. They are rumored to have a significant amount of gay brothers, and have many foreign students. They try hard to come off as classy and sophisticated, which can, at times, be a bit too much. They had a small 2013 pledge class.


Alpha Delt

Excellent physical house on west campus that resembles a castle on the outside. Generally very wealthy and snobby brothers. They were known for somewhat rampant drug use in prior years, but the latest pledge classes have shied away from that reputation. They are perpetually on social probation so are not often allowed to mix. Their brotherhood is fairly divided. Extremely difficult pledging process. House has declined somewhat in recent years.



Another nice house on west with many cool brothers. They have a reputation for being meatheads and "douchey", but this is generally not true. They throw many fun parties each semester, and have great sorority relations with the middle-tier, as well as some relations with a few upper-tier sororities. They are known to have a difficult and physically-grueling pledging process. Known for their Clam Bake at the end of the year.


Chi Phi

A diverse house with a lot of sprint football and rugby guys. Their house is very nice, but has a slightly inconvenient location on West. They have good relationships with middle-tier sororities and throw fun open parties. They're also said to have a good amount of meatheads.


Sig Nu

A frat with mostly, if not all, football players. The house is very out of the way but looks fairly nice. They don't throw many open parties. Their brothers are mostly cool guys, but they focus more on football than on their fraternity, making the house somewhat forgotten about and keeping it relatively low-key. They have very good sorority relations.


Phi Psi

A house that contains many Jewish brothers as well as a fair amount of swimmers. Their physical house is nice and located on West campus, and has a large lawn in the back. Their brothers are generally cool, minus a notable amount of awkward/nerdy ones. Some say they have been declining, but their pledge classes have been decent recently. Good relations with middle-tier sororities.


Phi Sig

A stately-looking house on West campus with a good central location. An overall cool, down-to-earth brotherhood, but has some nerdy guys. They throw fun parties throughout the year and have a good setup, but their basement can get too cramped and hot. Good sorority relations, and is said to be on the rise.



A large but claustrophpnic house on West that throws a good amount of decent events. They are a very diverse brotherhood, which means that there's not much brotherhood unity, and it is well known that the house is very divided in two. Have some cool guys, some athletic guys, but also have some nerdy guys. Good sorority relations, and an feud with Alpha Delt. They're said to have hard pledging, which causes kids to drop out very often.


Lambda Chi

A decent amount of fun events, and a pretty nice physical house, but sort of out of the way. Has a diverse group of guys, consisting of a lot of Jewish brothers and apparently quite a few gay brothers. Throw very fun parties, including their Foam Party. Feud with Chi Phi, which is mostly based off the fact they are right next to each other. Mix well with middle-tier sororities.

Middle Tier



Their physical house is very nice and used to be Ezra Cornell's home; however, it has a pretty isolated and out of the way location on West. They have many nerdy brothers, but also have some cool guys. Have somewhat decent sorority relations with lower-tier sororities. They manage to throw some pretty good open parties, but their dance floor can get pretty cramped. They are said to have a surprisingly hard pledging process. House seems to have gotten somewhat better recently, so it's said they are on the rise.


Sig Ep

Good location on West; but house is very much like a typical dorm. Their brotherhood is pretty cool but they have many weird brothers. Their 2013 pledge class wasn't that great, but they did get some cool brothers. Decent relations with middle and lower-tier sororities. They don't haze their pledges. Instead, they put them through a "member development" process. They don't have an actual pledging process, which is actually a fairly negative aspect and results in a very low level of brotherhood in the house.


Phi Tau

A fairly low-key on the rise house on North Campus, right next to Delta Chi. They have a small physical house that is h somewhat eclipsed by Delta Chi's mansion next door. Overall their brotherhood is pretty cool, but has its share of nerdy and awkward guys. They are said to have many Asian brothers. Their parties are usually smaller due to the house's size, but are pretty fun. Decent relations with middle- and lower-tier sororities.



A dorm-like Jewish house next to freshmen dorms on North Campus. The brothers are fairly nerdy, and their parties have surprisingly low attendance despite their location. The parties themselves are decent at best. They have decent sorority relations with Jewish sororities and middle-to-lower tier sororities. Have risen since all other Jewish fraternities were kicked off campus (TEP, ZBT, and Pike), but lost some TEP hopefuls to Phi Psi.


Pi Kapp

A low-key house on North that doesn't haze during pledging. Their house is pretty well-kept and clean, mainly because they don't party very much. Many nerdy brothers, and mediocre sorority relations. They do well academically, and have very strict house rules that are rigidly enforced through a Hearing Board.



An on the rise ag frat on North campus. Mostly farm boys, but are very down-to-earth and cool. They have events you would expect from a farming house (e.g. bull riding). They have decent sorority relations and pretty good open parties. Some say the house is on the rise. Overall a pretty good house, but fairly low-key.



A fraternity that just came back from being kicked off for a few years, and therefore started completely new. They were a good Jewish fraternity before they were kicked off, but now have to recreate their reputation from scratch. They gave out many bids in one year to try to get enough brothers to restart the frat. This lead to a mix of nerdy and cool guys. They don't have a physical house yet, and therefore don't mix much. They're still very new, so it's unclear exactly how they will pan out in the coming years.


Kappa Sig

A fraternity that just came back from being kicked off for a few years, and therefore started completely new. They weren't very good before they got kicked off. Like Pike, they gave out many, many bids in one year to try to get enough brothers to start the frat back up. This lead to many weird guys joining in addition to some cool ones. They don't have very good sorority relations, but are still very new. It's unclear exactly how they will pan out in the coming years.

Lower Tier


Phi Dry

A nationally dry fraternity that drinks and partys anyway. Their brotherhood consists of a lot of nerdy guys, but also a good amount of some cool ones. They have a nice physical house on North, but are somewhat out of the way. Their recent pledge classes have been pretty good, and they're said to be rising.



A house infamous for drug use. Their physical house is very nice and in an excellent location. Their brothers are generally seen as nerdy and sketchy, some who don't even go to Cornell. They throw fun parties and have a good amount of raves, as well as parties with local bands. They don't mix that often, but still party very hard. They usually have fun o-week and slope day events. They're said to be rising, and had a good 2013 pledge class.


Zeta Psi

A large frat house on North right across from Risley. They apparently have the biggest TV in a frat on campus. Their brothers are nerdy but like to party. They have poor sorority relations, but do throw a good amount of open parties during the year.



An odd-looking house on North Campus. The brothers are fairly Jewish and fairly nerdy. Not known for partying, and don't have the best sorority relations.



A very nice house on North that used to be quite good on campus. Now, however, the house declined after some interal reorganization and becoming dry. They have been getting decent sized pledge classes, but still have predominantly gay brothers. Don't mix at all or have any open parties, but do have philanthropy events with sororities on occasion.



Nerdy brothers in a decent physical house on West that looks like a dorm. Their pledge classes are always very small, and the rent out their house to other people. They have a couple of decent open parties, but rarely mix.



A house on North with a lot of nerdy brothers, but are generally nice and like to have fun. They manage to sometimes throw some decent parties. They don't mix much, if at all.



A small house that overlooks a gorge on West Campus. They have mostly nerdy brothers, with many engineers and Asians. They don't mix very often but throw a few decent open parties. They have supposedly gotten worse over the past few years.



A nerdy frat with mostly engineers. The brothers are very nice but are also very nerdy, and try very hard to promote their parties. Their house is located in a poor location on North and usually has parties on Thursday nights.


Seal and Serpent

A fraternity that is unique to Cornell. Bob Saget spent time and partied here for one of his documentaries. The brothers are extremely nerdy, and they typically get very few pledges.